Belfast Cottages offer a wide range of extra and free facilities to their guests **FREE unlimited Wifi Internet connection to each cottage and courtyards ** FREE Guest Laundry including powder, washer, dryer, outside clothesline and inside clotheshorse ** FREE Parking for your car, boat or motorhome as there is ample space for additional vehicles ** FREE Children's Playground including push/pedal go-carts, pirate ship sand pit, double swing, slide and cubby house with balls and toys ** FREE BBQ with two separate courtyards ** FREE Rain water tanks with drinking filters ** FREE Movies ** FREE 24 hour self check-in facility allowing you to enjoy leisurely days sightseeing


Our newest attraction just completed in June 2017 is an indoor swim spa pool room. Guests can book private 1 hour sessions for an extra cost. With 43 jets, 21 hydro therapy jets and 22 rotary jets, our new Swim Spa is not just built for relaxing and having fun, but it’s also a great way to exercise, keep fit and soothe those aching muscles with the therapy massaging jets. Enjoy the relaxing, invigorating benefits of a luxury hot spa pool kept at a very pleasant 32-35 degrees celcius. Choose to draw down privacy blinds to each window allowing you to view outside without anyone being able to view inside. The swim spa also features a sound system so you can turn on your Bluetooth from your phone and relax and listen to your favourite music. There are also 7 changing led lights that add to the ambience and relaxation.

Click to view Swim Spa Pool Pricing and Terms & Conditions

All swim spa sessions are based on 1 hour (includes up to maximum of 4 people)

Spa Session $30
or 3 sessions for $75 (that's a saving of 20%)

Swim spa session times are restricted between 6pm-9pm weekdays and 11am to 8pm weekends. To book your private allocated time, email stay@belfastcottages.com or text 0419 118 466 in advance to secure your preferred times as last minute bookings after your arrival date may not be guaranteed.
**NOTE: Even with prior arrangements, Swim Spa may be closed due to maintenance or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. If your booking package includes a free session, a substitute voucher to the Port Fairy Day Spa will be provided as a replacement.

Towels are provided (please refrain from using your cottage towels as we have dedicated spa towels). Arrive 5 minutes prior to your booked time to go through how to control spa panel and general rules and conditions. If you would like music playing through the swim spa, ensure you have your Bluetooth turned on and music on your phone. A security camera is in the room to ensure your safety and all OH&S conditions are adhered to.

Swim Spa Pool Rules For Health And Safety
These rules exist to ensure the health and safety of every pool visitor. Even though such rules can sometimes seem restrictive, they are always there for a good reason. If these rules are not adhered to, you will be removed from the spa room and any vouchers or payments will be forfeited.

~ Swimming gear and bathers must not have any studs, buckles or hard material of any kind as this could damage spa
~ Ensure you are clean, free from makeup, suntan/fake lotion, moisturiser, grease etc
~ No food or drinks allowed in spa room at any times
~ No excessive jumping, diving, splashing of water
~ Avoid entering swim spa if you have the flu, open wounds or warts. You don’t want to contaminate other swim spa visitors
~ Only wear your swim suit at the pool. Don’t go to the pool with a suit or shorts that you have worn all day
~ If you go to the pool with a toddler, make sure that the child wears waterproof swim diapers
~ Parents are required to supervise children at all times. Adults who are supervising children should remain alert, vigilant and never turn away or get distracted, not even for a moment
~ Respect your booking times to ensure other guests are not delayed
~ Maximum of 4 people in swim spa at all times
~ Due to OH&S and general advice from medical professionals, pregnant woman are prohibited from using the swim spa for the safety of their unborn child


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Belfast Cottages accommodation promise you a clean and comfortable self contained holiday experience on a peaceful and manicured parcel of land with a unique and charming setting of cottages resembling something out of a fairy tale village - Longer stays attract higher discounts


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